The Ones with Difficult Names

wrote an afterward to my forthcoming book from Kelsay Press–


One of many reasons to admire W. B. Yeats is that his publishing history kept good pace with his writing, so that the reader might follow the development of his technique and ideas from youth into considerable old age. Perhaps that’s not the way things work now; at least it’s not the way things worked for me, so a book, when it sees the light of day, is likely to be a crazy quilt of different times and dispensations, gathered together at some late moment with the hope that there might be, at least, thematic unity. Some of these poems were written thirty years ago, others after the book was accepted for publication and certain pieces needed replacement or reworking. Things that seem like contradictions might just be one authentic voice speaking at widely divided points in time. That’s my plea, anyway. Hale Chatfield was a professor at Hiram College who was the first professional ever to look at my work, which he did with kindness, forbearance, and acuity whose voice I still hear in the hours of revision.

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