June 6, 2021

It gives me joy to announce the publication of my play Washington Place through the good offices of Sublime Theater Publications, and that most excellent of editors, Steven Samuels. Washington Place was featured at the Great Plains Theater Conference in Omaha, and given a flawless production by Asheville’s Magnetic Theater. The story involves the last hours of the workers–mostly female, mostly Italian or Jewish immigrants–whose lives were destroyed in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in 1911. Overwhelmingly female roles, for those for whom that is a concern. Copies may be obtained from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and from your local independent bookseller.

I’ve been telling people this is my first published play, but that is not strictly true. The first play I ever wrote, Timothy Liberty, was published by the Playwrights’ Fund of North Carolina (long now defunct). Somehow the cartons that contained the printed playscript “disappeared” from a Greenville, NC basement. So far as I know, I have the one copy in the world. Maybe somebody will read this and tell me different.

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