NIGHT MUSIC by David Brendan Hopes opens at the Magnetic Theater 02/01/18

I hope everyone will come see NIGHT MUSIC, my play which opens at the Magnetic Theater in Asheville on February 1. All principals have been working really hard, and I will love to hear this piece for the second time, the first being in Greensboro a year ago, at which time I got to walk in the Greensboro Women’s March with my sister and brother-in-law.‘
From the first scene of Night Music:
Jesse: I just thought of something.
Cleve: What?
Jesse: It must be disappointing to crabs and worms and things to have been around so long and still have no voices. Must be about as bad for whales and birds and things to have voices but not the right ones, not the ones God really wanted. Hey, don’t birds–?
Cleve: It’s not the same. (Clearly quoting) Plus, there is no reason to assume God enters into it at all.
Jesse: Oh, somebody told you to say that. Usually it’s the people who quote rules who don’t want God interfering. But that’s why. That’s why all the voices. I figured it out. The bugs and the whales and the frogs and the–
Cleve: Birds–
Jesse: Birds and all. Everything had ears, even right there at the beginning. Or feelers, or things in your feet that felt vibrations coming. God was speaking from the very beginning, and the animals needed to hear what he had to say. Then one day God wanted them to talk back. He wanted to hear their voices.
Cleve: Who told you to say that?
Jesse: Nobody.
Cleve: You made it up.
Jesse: I know it. That’s not the same as making it up.
Cleve: The insects were first. God must have especially liked them.
Jesse: We don’t know who was first. Maybe something was singing right there at the beginning of everything. Maybe something thought of it before God did and gave him the idea, and then flew off into space one day and we don’t know about it. Spreading the music over all the universe now. To other planets and what not.
Cleve: Nothing in the fossil record.
Jesse: That just goes to show you.
Cleve: God was listening to the dinosaurs and the mastodons and all?
Jesse: Sure. Otherwise, why bother?
Cleve: I never get to talk about this stuff.
Jesse: At your school for the gifted and the pharaohs and all?
Cleve: Not really. We talk about science. We think that’s the same as talking about everything.
Jesse:  It’s hard to talk about important stuff at school.
Cleve: It’s hard to talk about important stuff anywhere.
Jesse: For sure. If you say something stupid, everybody remembers it. Mr. Larkin says you remember pretty much everything.
Cleve: Pretty much. Except I forget your name.
Jesse: Jesse. I didn’t forget yours. Cleveland. That fat kid says there’s a city named Cleveland.
Cleve: Cleve. There’s no city named Cleve.
Jesse: I bet over in Europe or somewhere there is.
Cleve: Well, the fat kid doesn’t know about it.
Jesse: Cleve?
Cleve: Yeah.
Jesse: It’s easy to say.
Cleve: Oh—
Jesse: No, that’s good. So people can call you whenever they need to. (Pause) Cleve?
Cleve: Yeah?
Jesse: I have a question.
Cleve: I love questions.
Jesse: What’s ten times ten thousand?
Cleve: A hundred thousand.
Jesse: What is the capital of the moon?
Cleve: Big Moon City.
Jesse: Man, you are smart. I have another question.
Cleve: Go.
Jesse: Are there bears?
Cleve: What do you mean are there bears?
Jesse: Here. In this forest.
Cleve: It’s a forest isn’t it?
Jesse: Not all forests have bears.
Cleve (After a moment’s thought, mischievously) This one does.

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